Newstalk Lunchtime Focus: Childhood Obesity

17 May 2013
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17 May 2013, Comments: 0
Listen to this week’s Newstalk Lunchtime series examining the growing issue of childhood obesity in Ireland

obesity childhood

These are the statistics…

25% of Irish children are overweight or obese – that’s 300,000 children.

10% of Irish children considered to be obese – that’s 100,000 children.

There are 35,000 obese children in Dublin alone

and 60% of obese children will become obese adults

Scary statistics, but is there any point in getting into the blame game?

How do we treat the problem and improve the services we have?

This week, Newstalk Lunchtime attempted to answer these questions in a special series on childhood obesity.

Listen to the whole program…

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