Stigma and Weight Bias

Young people with obesity often face negative public attitudes and weight-based stigma (Puhl & Brownell, 2001; Puhl & Heuer, 2009; Puhl & Latner, 2007). These attitudes can come from school, family members, the media and society in general. It is important to understand the impact that these attitudes have on young people. This study aims to explore the extent to which these negative attitudes are being internalised by children and adolescents with obesity (known as weight bias internalisation) and the effect that this has on their wellbeing. There are 2 phases to this study. During Phase 1, young people and their parents fill out questionnaires about strengths and difficulties experienced by the young people and their quality of life. During Phase 2, young people and parents are invited to take part in an interview to find out more about the personal experiences of young people with obesity.