Parents’ comments on changes made
“A complete change in food bought in the home”

“D. now does exercise daily and is able to choose healthy food with no fuss”

“We are more open to talk about problems, even though they might not relate to food”

“We are making more healthy choices, and being less directive with our child as she seems to be making the choices”

“We watch portion sizes and add more fruit and veg to fill up instead of potatoes and meat. Drink more water too. The portion sizes was an eye opener!”

“We have changed in what we eat, the portions eaten, calories taken and exercise more – particularly going for walks”

Parents’ comments on group
“I could cry with happiness as he has responded so well to this group (waiting nearly 2 years) he is out of the obesity range and just over his normal weight. He was always a bigger kid, so we are delighted that this has worked and he is a much happier kid. Keep up the good work!”

“The programme is excellent for information and my son’s self esteem has greatly improved along with eating habits and weight”

“The programme was very enjoyable, educational and beneficial”

“We don’t feel so isolated”

“The group support was good”

“Everything that possibly could be covered was and I was very impressed”

"The group was very informative and interesting”

“The programme is well demonstrated and delivered by the team but a follow up will be necessary for the children”.