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Claire McKenna Radio Interview

Niamh Arthurs and Claire McKenna Speaking about World Obesity Day

Safefoods Start Campaign
The START campaign is a five year, public awareness campaign from safefood in partnership with both Departments of Health, Healthy Ireland, the Health Service Executive and the Public Health Agency. The campaign aims to support and encourage parents to start making small daily changes to their children’s diet and lifestyle and in so doing, get them started on their way to a healthier life.  
Get Ireland Active
The site was initially developed to promote the National Physical Activity guidelines. The site has been further developed to become a one-stop shop for physical activity information. The aim of the revised website is to encourage people to become more physically active by creating awareness of the opportunities for physical activity at local, regional and national levels. It also contains lots of information on physical activity: the benefits, how to get started, tips to stay motivated etc.
Loads of ideas and help to make the many small changes that add up to a happier, healthier future for you or your family. Change4Life has tons of helpful information, recipes, tools, tips, and games for the kids.
Teaching your children to be active

You can help your children or any children you look after to be active. Children whose parents or guardians are active are more than 5 times as likely to stay active. Teaching your children to be active