As a teaching hospital Temple Street Children’s University Hospital promotes evidence-based healthcare and medicine. As such the W82GO service has been developed with years of research behind it and we are constantly striving to do better and to deliver a more effective service. We do this by undertaking research projects. Please see some of the previous projects we have been involved in over the past few years here.

To learn more about our research view the publications link.
Our most recent research study was the Smartphone Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial. This study was funded by the Health Research Board of Ireland and is a registered clinical trial. The trial is no longer recruiting and we are currently preparing the results. This study explored whether treatment for obesity delivered in person (W82GO) is better than treatment delivered directly to patients using a smartphone application.

In the smartphone study we invited children and teenagers over 12 years to take part. If the child and parent wanted to take part, we asked them to sign a consent form. If families decided not to take part, that was okay too and they continued with our usual treatment. 
What did study participants do?
The W82GO! Programme lasts for 12 months and so did the smartphone study. After completing an assessment and signing consent forms, families started six face-to-face sessions with the team (either group or individual) and after the 6th session we randomised them to either usual care or to the Smartphone application. Those in the usual care continued their treatment as normal making and monitoring weekly goals. Those in the Smartphone group used the application to make goals, chat to other study participants and learn about different health topics.
The Smartphone study is a collaborative project between Temple Street Children's University Hospital, The HRB, The Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College Cork and City University London.

Funding for this project was granted by The Children's Fund for Health at Temple Street Children's University Hospital and The Health Research Board of Ireland. To see other projects the W82GO team have been involved in visit our publications page.

Below you can find a list of recent scientific publications from members of the W82GO team. 

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