12 November 2014
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Temple Street W28GO Healthy Lifestyles Programme public information session – Thursday 27th September @ 7pm

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  Information session for parents of children under seven years of age – Thursday 27th November @ 7pm Information Session for Parents of Children […]

6 November 2014
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W82GO team presentation at the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists Annual Meeting

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Nov 7th. Dr Grace O’Malley, Chartered Physiothearpist from the  W82GO team presents work with Mark Elmes, Rachael Keating and Dr Olive Lennon at the […]

4 November 2014
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Childhood Obesity Timebomb – Dr Grace O’Malley visits Ireland AM

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Dr Grace O’Malley, Chartered Physiotherapist visits Ireland AM to highlight the movement difficulties of children who are obese. A new study has found that […]

18 October 2014
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Dr Sinead Murphy highlights the difficulties of being obese as a child

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Some 40% of children seen at the obesity clinic in Temple Street Children’s Hospital displayed withdrawn behaviour and psychological difficulties. The figures, presented by […]

9 October 2014
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Temple Street W82GO Team work with the HSE to increase access to treatment in the community.

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In a response to the country’s growing childhood obesity epidemic, the HSE has launched a new initiative to monitor weight in young schoolchildren and […]