Research Projects in Temple Street

We are running a study to test whether treatment for obesity delivered in person (W82GO! Programme) is better than treatment delivered directly to patients using a smartphone. We will do this by asking patients and their parents to take part in our smartphone research study.
Research is an important part of our obesity service. It’s important that anything that we do, is backed up by research. It’s also important that we evaluate what we are doing on an ongoing basis. We do this by undertaking research projects. Please see some of the previous projects we have been involved in over the past few years here.
Adolescent obesity in Ireland has now become a major problem. Children who have too much fat in their bodies have more risk of joint pain, early signs of heart disease & low self-­-esteem, and as adults may have higher risks of cancer, and type two diabetes. In Temple Street we have been treating obesity successfully. We now need to see if there is a better way of delivering our treatment.
A research study is something like a science project. When we want to learn more about a disease or treatment, we need to study people’s bodies to find out how the treatment works. In order to decide whether you want to be a part of this research study, you should know enough about it.

This leaflet gives you detailed information about the research study, which a member of the research team will discuss with you.

Children and teenagers over 12 years will be invited to take part. If the child and parent want to take part, they will be asked to sign a consent form. If you decide not to take part, it’s okay and you can have our usual treatment.

Even if you say “yes” to the study now, you can change your mind later and it’s still okay. If you decide to take part you and your family will either do the W82GO programme or use the smartphone application at home yourself.
Even if you get the smartphone application, you will need to come into the hospital so that your height and weight can be measured. We will have to divide children up equally (like tossing a coin) to make sure the groups are divided up by chance.
What will I have to do?
The W82GO! Programme lasts for 12 months and so does the study. You have already had your assessment done so that’s stage 1 complete! By partaking in the study you will get a smartphone and if you are in the smartphone group you will have your phone service paid while you are in the study. In the smartphone group you will need to use our app everyday to set goals and make challenges for yourself! If you get picked for the Smartphone group you will need to come into the hospital 7 more times and if you are in the W82Go group you will come in 11 more times during the year.